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Waterplay unveils a revolutionary concept in aquatic play

Posted by waterplayAdmin on October 23, 2012

Waterplay® Solutions Corp. introduces Discovery Streams, a ground-breaking concept in aquatic play that combines the wonderment of nature with discovery-style play.

Kelowna, BC, Canada, October, 23rd, 2012 — Waterplay® Solutions introduces Discovery Streams, a revolutionary product concept unlike any other in the aquatic play pad industry. Discovery Streams are a multi-faceted play feature comprised of a modular stream full of interactive weirs and dams designed to mimic nature.

“The idea behind this product is to bring the atmosphere of nature’s water ways to the play pad,” says Waterplay President Jill White. “Envision a gentle, meandering stream packed full of playful fish, flowing water plants and many other fascinating water play elements designed to evoke thoughtful and imaginative play. The modularity of the design is important as it allows each stream to fit in the space as it might occur in nature. It also takes the guess work out of creating a creek bed on site; with this system the installation is simple and you know exactly what you will end up with.”

Designed by Markus Ehring, world-renowned public designer and owner of numerous innovative patents, the Discovery Stream can be custom configured for each space using four segments; a spring, ocean bed and two interlinking bend sections. Truly modular, the bends can be placed in configurations from 14 feet (427 cm) and longer. The spring, placed at the beginning, is designed to feed water into the stream, and the ocean, placed at the end, is designed to collect and drain the water away from the structure.

While providing a stunning visual effect on its own, the Discovery Stream really comes alive with the addition of interactive water weirs designed to encourage exploration and stimulate the imagination. From water wheels, to plant life, red fish and a charming mill mouse, Mr. Ehring’s designs bring the wonderment of nature to a safe play pad environment for waterplayers of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

Inspired by nature, designed for fun, Discovery Streams can fit into many environments, either as a standalone main attraction in a non-waterplay environment such as shopping malls, or as an addition to a larger aquatic environment design. Get ready for a new way to play with Waterplay’s Discovery Streams, ready for shipment in late December, 2012.

Waterplay® Solutions is a global provider of premium aquatic recreation equipment. Add play to your project with Waterplay’s full suite of products: aquatic play features, slide activity centres, waterslides, urban water features and water management solutions.


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