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Waterplay releases new assortment of ground sprays

Posted by waterplayAdmin on March 31, 2011

Kelowna, BC, Mar 31, 2011— Recognized as one of the pioneers in the aquatic play pad industry, Waterplay Solutions Corp has just added eight new ground sprays to their product line, maintaining the momentum they have been building with other recent product launches.

Each of the new products has a distinct look and most can be interchanged with other Waterplay ground sprays to add new life to older play pads. For toddlers, the Buttercup sprays three thick, soft streams to roughly 2 feet high; then there’s the Tower Spray, Fountain Mountain, and Confetti Spray which have a tall, vivacious trajectory. For sprays that reach wide instead of high, the company has released Charlottes Web which streams outward like a spider’s web, and Starlet Spray which looks like a star from above and appears to be woven strands of water from the side. Distinctly unique is the Luminary Spray which lights up the water stream - in blue, green, red and white – as either a steady colour or in a rotating fashion.

“The new ground spray designs are a direct result of where we felt there was a gap in the market,” stated Product Manager, Cory Forrest “with ground sprays being an essential part of basically every aquatic play pad, we are confident that these new options will be very well-received and have already had fantastic feedback from insiders who got a sneak peek.”

Waterplay has been designing aquatic play features and play pads since 1987, longer than any other supplier in the industry. The eight new ground sprays offer an assortment of effects, making them complimentary to the rest of Waterplay’s product line and suitable to aquatic play pads and urban spaces alike.