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Waterplay® Pushes into Uncharted Territory With New Splash Globe (April Fools)

Posted by waterplayAdmin on March 31, 2021

Waterplay® Solutions Corp. seeks out project opportunities in Antarctica with its new Splash Globe™, a self-contained, snow globe-inspired, splash pad ecosystem designed for installation in arctic climates

Kelowna, Canada, April 1st, 2021
―With installations on six out of seven of the world’s continents, Waterplay® Solutions is excited to finally bring the world of splash pads to a place it’s least expected, the desolate and frozen deserts of Antarctica. Fully contained and built to keep out extreme temperatures and the world’s most severe weather, Waterplay’s Splash Globe™ is built for adventurous aquatic play experiences. The Splash Globe is capable of housing a 140 m2 (15,000 ft2) splash pad on the frozen tundra, a perfect addition to any research base looking to add splash play to their site amenity infrastructure.

“We think the best market is research bases,” says Waterplay President Jill White. “To be honest, we just got really tired of saying we have an installation on every continent except Antarctica and over the winter break this year I found myself staring at a snow globe, lost in thought, and the idea just came to me. What if we put a spray park in a snow globe and plunked it in Antarctica? Problem solved.”

Starting at $2,500,000 USD and available for purchase now, the Waterplay Splash Globe is priced competitively in relation to the already sky-high construction prices of arctic research bases. With a population of 1,000 – 5,000 seasonal residents, Waterplay is looking forward to being the first-ever company to bring the splash pad experience to Antarctica.

“You know, there’s not really a business case for it,” says Kerrin Smith, Vice President of Strategic Growth. “There’s not really even a logical thought process. But it has been a thorn in our sides—not having an installation in Antarctica. It certainly doesn’t have a nice ring to it when you say, ‘all continents except Antarctica’, so to get an installation there would be a big win for Waterplay. I’m not sure who will play in it. Maybe it could be a fun holiday nesting resort for Emperor Penguins, I’ve always felt bad that they have to stay out in the cold for so long while their eggs hatch. Have you seen the documentaries? They’re absolutely shivering. I’m sure the Splash Globe could serve a dual purpose, housing penguins in a unique way as well as any kids that may join their parents on research expeditions.”

If you currently live in Antarctica or know someone responsible for the design and/or purchase of construction materials at research bases in Antarctica, contact us today to be a part of bringing splash play to this unique part of the world! Learn more about Waterplay’s Splash Globe on our website!

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