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Funding & Grants for Outdoor Spaces

Every year government agencies, foundations and corporations allocate grant money for the development of play and learning in communities throughout the world. When you’re planning an aquatic play space, whether it’s a new build or a refurbishment, consider what grants are available to enhance your budget.

Searching for Funding & Grants for Outdoor Space initiatives 

Most of these funds and grants can be accessed at the Federal, Provincial (State) and Municipal level of government bodies. You can search simple terms like outdoor space initiative, public space funding, grants for outdoor spaces, community building funds/grants. 

Some of these grants are used to fund: 

  • Splash Pads / Parks 
  • Aquatic Play Centers 
  • Pools & Waterparks 
  • Outdoor Playspaces 
  • Parks and Park Essentials 
  • and much more... 




Fundraising is a great way to raise money for your next aquatic play project.

Waterplay can help support your fundraising effort with high quality renders of the proposed design, as well as provide graphics for a fundraising poster that will allow your community to rally around your goals. Encourage sponsorship through a park sign that will showcase the names or company logos of large contributors to be recognized in your community.

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