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Waterplay Introduces Exciting New Product

Waterplay® Solutions heads into autumn with a splash with several new product concepts: Puddles, Gatherings, and new interactive fountains designed to revolutionize social media.

Posted by waterplayAdmin on October 27, 2014

Kelowna, Canada—October, 23rd, 2014—Waterplay Solutions sets the pace with several new and exciting product concepts designed to bring fun to all ages and abilities—even those with their nose stuck to their smartphone!

Ready, set, JUMP! Waterplay is excited to introduce Puddles—a new splashy way to play! An exciting take on the traditional ground spray, Puddles bring the fun of rain puddles to the play pad. Designed with a squishy jump pad, this ground spray encourages waterplayers to stomp, dance, or hop to create a splashy water effect. Available in three designs with more to come, Puddles are sure to be a big hit around the globe!

Slowing things down a bit, Waterplay is expanding their product offering off the play pad and onto the grass with Gatherings, a multi-functional seating area for playing, picnicking, sitting, and discovering. “We create fun play spaces,” says Dennis Scott, Manager of Research and Design at Waterplay Solutions. “And now, for the first time and with the help of world-renowned designer Markus Erhing, we’re looking at the area off the play pad and seeing how we can enrich the experience for the people on the sidelines.” Gatherings, a nature-inspired seating experience designed to challenge the mold, consists of a duck family and floating leaves that complement any outdoor environment while also providing a unique place to spend time with your family and friends.

Finally, appealing to the wonderment of dreamers everywhere and those glued to their smartphones, Waterplay expands its urban line with the introduction of interactive fountains powered by WaterGush. These water jets bounce into the sky with multiple colours, synchronicity, and the ability to be changed by those watching! Controlled by an app that connects directly to the fountain interface, watchers and passersby can control the flow of water with their smartphone. Bring your kids and play with them from the park bench or battle it out with your friends to see who can create the most exciting sequences and colours. Don’t forget to post your creations to social media!

Waterplay® Solutions is a global provider of premium aquatic recreation equipment. Add play to your project with Waterplay’s full suite of products: aquatic play features, slide activity centres, waterslides, urban water features and water management solutions.


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