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Waterplay Embraces Canadian Roots with New Product Collection (April Fools!)

Posted by waterplayAdmin on March 31, 2022


Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, April 1, 2022—

Featuring all things quintessentially Canadian, Waterplay is announcing a new product line, the Hoser Collection™. With spraying moose, a splashy beaver dam, misting hockey sticks, maple syrup spouting trees (featuring real Canadian maple syrup), Canadian bacon-scented scratch n’ sniff graphic plates, and honking Canadian geese, this product collection will leave waterplayers feeling like they’ve taken a trip to America’s hat, aka, Canada. And just like the Canadian landscape, it’s got some chilly tricks up its soaking plaid sleeve.

An industry first, Waterplay is launching the COLD Arctic Sensation System™ (COLD ASS™) alongside the Hoser Collection. Featuring the GlacierPLAY™ water cooling system that regulates water temperatures to match those of Canada’s coldest glacier-fed rivers, and Ice Floor™, a surfacing refrigeration system that turns water on the splash pad into actual ice, COLD ASS is designed to be the “cold” standard in aquatic play.

“As a Canadian company, we’re very excited to bring Canada to the forefront of aquatic play with these unique products,” says Waterplay President Jill White. “COLD ASS is a game changer! Sensory experiences are important for growth and development and there’s nothing more stimulating to the senses than water cold enough to give you hypothermia and hard, cold slippery ice to slip and slide on with your bare skin. I mean, this is nature play to the extreme.”

Available immediately to the global market, the Hoser Collection, and the COLD Arctic Sensation System™ (COLD ASS™) are available for purchase directly through Waterplay and Waterplay authorized dealers. As a bonus to customers who purchase the Hoser Collection, Waterplay also offers a limited custom colour called Splash Plaid™, a red and black checkered custom paint option that is easily recognized as a Canadian staple anywhere in the world. Maple syrup reloading kits are also available for purchase through Waterplay’s expert support team for splash pads featuring the Syrup Spout.

Because of the unique design elements, the Hoser Collection and COLD ASS are sold with a special safety sign in both French and English and requires users to bring their hockey helmets along with their bathing suits and suggests waterproof scarves and mittens for users staying over 15 minutes. COLD ASS is no joke, eh? Despite the cold, this fun, new Canadian collection is sure to have your community yelling, “Stay where you’re at till I comes where you’re at.”

Check out the new Waterplay Hoser Collection


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