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Waterplay® Solutions Corp. introduces the Flow Booster

Posted by waterplayAdmin on July 9, 2012

Boost the Flow of Water and Increase Interactivity with this Unique Add-on from Waterplay!

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, July, 9th, 2012 — The Flow Booster is an exciting, new accessory from Waterplay that actually boosts the flow of water to a play feature through interactivity. A unique underground system made up of three ground sprays connected to a main play feature, Waterplayers can step on the nozzle of the ground spray to increase the flow of water to the central feature.

The Flow Booster can be added as an accessory to many of Waterplay’s standard aquatic play features. If added to a ground spray, the central ground spray will shoot higher as more nozzles are covered. On any feature that sprays water, such as a cannon or tall column, the water will spray further, possibly allowing you to get that far-off target you’d been aiming for. On play features with a dumping bucket or spinner wheel, the frequency of water will increase so that the bucket tips more frequently or the speed of the spinner wheel increases, showering more water and fun onto those below.

“I’ve always found it intriguing to watch how children interact with water,” says Jill White, president of Waterplay Solutions Corp. “The idea behind the Flow Booster was to incorporate teamwork and a sense of camaraderie to the play pad with the benefit of being able to see an action/reaction type outcome. The play features that seem to be able to hold traffic longer are the ones that offer interactivity; the Flow Booster brings a higher level of play to our standard product line.”

Waterplay® Solutions Corp. is a global provider of premium aquatic recreation equipment. Add play to your project with Waterplay’s full suite of products: aquatic play features, slide activity centres, waterslides, urban water features and water management systems.


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