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Aquatic Play Features

Aquatic Play Collections

Discover freestanding components that adapt to any play environment—from the splash pad to the pool. Each collection offers creative product and colour groupings to inspire your next project.
Uncover your favorite theme, perfect for all ages!


Push, spin, plug, and take aim! Designed for collaborative fun, this troupe of whimsical and looping play features delights waterplayers with a spectacular water show for all ages.
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Grasslands & Shoreline

With tall blades of grass, whimsical wildflowers, smooth stones, and friendly creatures, the Grasslands & Shoreline Collections bring the wonder and beauty of nature to the play pad. Create an immersive meadowland theme that extends into a beach-side adventure full of splashes!
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Nautical High Seas

The High Seas Nautical Collection unleashes adventure and courage in waterplayers of all ages and abilities. Set sail on the H.M.S. Waterplay, spray the nearest pirate, or make friends with the wiggly octopus!
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A child's imagination is full of bright colours and fun shapes. The Kaleidoscope Collection takes waterplayers on an action-packed, playful adventure through a real life wonderland of discovery.
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The Revolutions Collection was designed on an axis. Featuring smooth lines, 360° revolutions, spirals, and spheres, this stunning group of products and colours unites play with a contemporary design aesthetic.
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With giant raining leaves and wildflowers, spraying cat tails, and wiggly water cannons, the Wildwood Collection surrounds waterplayers in flora, fauna and fun!
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