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Waterplay Announces Partnership with Life Floor

Posted by waterplayAdmin on March 2, 2022

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, March 2, 2022—Global aquatic play manufacturer, Waterplay®, and Life Floor, leading aquatic surfacing manufacturer, are partnering up to bring outstanding aquatic splash pad experiences to the global market—complete with splash features, structures, and playful surfacing.

“We’re thrilled to bring Life Floor to our customers. It just makes sense for our companies to team up and create a playful experience together,” says Waterplay Vice President, Kerrin Smith. “Life Floor is really stunning in the aquatic space and a perfect complement to our products and, of course, for customers looking for strong theming. It’s also very fun in that kids play differently on a Life Floor aquatic surface, they’re able to crawl and roll without restriction, or make a game of jumping from tile to tile. With NSF certification, our partners and customers can trust they are investing in a surface that is both durable and safe.” 

Life Floor has established its position as a leading aquatic surfacing provider. The Life Floor team’s commitment to quality, longevity, and outstanding customer support are a perfect fit for team at Waterplay who constantly exceed standards in these areas. With both companies having installations across the globe—It’s a match that is simple and convenient for Waterplay and Life Floor customers.

“We really couldn’t be happier to partner with Waterplay. They’re a leading manufacturer in splash pad design with a team who is incredibly passionate about play. Offering our products together brings the best of both worlds together for aquatic users--unique, imaginative play solutions paired with surfacing to match,” said Life Floor VP, Gwen Ruehle. 

Effective immediately, the Waterplay and Life Floor partnership includes splash pad applications and is limited within the waterpark and theme park markets to multi-level play structures with equipment cost less than $250K USD. The Waterplay Team is committed to serving the unique needs of our customers and will continue working directly with customers who choose other surfacing suppliers and vendors where Waterplay and Life Floor are not specified.

Learn more about Waterplay and Life Floor:

Waterplay: www.waterplay.com

Life Floor: www.lifefloor.com




Waterplay designs and manufactures play solutions for indoor and outdoor aquatic play spaces. Freestanding play features, playable fountains, elevated structures and water management solutions—we specialize in inclusive, high value, quality products that last. With aquatic play, water management, seating, shade, surfacing and toilet facility solutions, there’s no aquatic play project we can’t handle. Contact us today to start working with our experienced support teams positioned to help you every step of the way. Building a splash pad is easy with Waterplay. Contact our support teams today: www.waterplay.com.


Life Floor manufactures Life Floor tiles, a foam-rubber flooring system designed for use in wet areas with barefoot traffic. Created as an alternative to concrete and other conventional materials, Life Floor is the only safety surface specifically designed and engineered to perform in aquatic environments. Life Floor combines award-winning safety with unparalleled design capabilities, delivered by an expert team committed to a world-class experience for everyone who interacts with their products. Learn more: https://www.lifefloor.com/