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Waterplay Launches 18 New Splash Pad Products for Biggest Launch in Years

Posted by waterplayAdmin on October 18, 2022

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, September 20, 2022

Hitting the global market with their biggest product launch in years, Waterplay introduces 18 new splash pad products for fall 2022. Ranging from towering, multi-leg characters to quirky discovery-styled splash pad essentials, and, the Sling Soaker, simply stated as the industry’s new favourite dumping bucket—Waterplay has lots to talk about, and waterplayers have lots to get excited about.


The Titans, towering beasts of titanic proportions, are the splash pad’s main event. With three connection points that anchor the structure to the ground, they are easy to install and feature multiple points of play—making the total cost of ownership a big advantage. “The idea here was to offer a large structure that was easy for the installer, cost effective for the owner, and extremely playful,” say’s Kyle Luciw Product Manager. “The Titans could effectively be the only feature for the entire splash pad—they’re that big and there’s that many play opportunities with dumping buckets, splashers and sprays.”


Not stopping there, Waterplay also took the last year to reimagine their popular Cirque Collection—a whimsical line of splash pad products that encourage discovery, physical movement and imagination during play. The Cirque Collection focuses on the acrobatics of water and the opportunities for total focus and immersion during play. The winner of product awards and featured in many industry recognized projects in landscape architecture and aquatic design, the newly invigorated Cirque Collection includes engaging water basins, spinning orbs, many opportunities for collaboration, and still captures the whimsy of the original Cirque design.


“Cirque is one of our most popular product collections with designers,” continues Kyle Luciw. “We’ve doubled down on this great collection and made it even better. Cirque pioneered true curiosity-styled play in the splash pad industry and pushed our competitors to offer products that were more than just spraying water. Sure, there were water tables, but Cirque brought higher play engagement through movement, diverse water effects, various opportunities for play engagement, and collaboration. Now, we’ve added even more water effects, built in multiple play points off one surface connection for an even better collaborative play experience, and optimized the total value to the waterplayer and the owner wherever we could. This collection is tons of fun to design with, and even more fun for those playing. The positive feedback in testing this product was overwhelming.” 


Last, and certainly not least, the Sling Soaker is being touted as the industry’s new favourite dumping bucket, and that’s not a marketing campaign. In product development test groups, the Sling Soaker had multiple requests for projects long before its release. Featuring a sleek, modern design, a mid-sized bucket that perfectly fits between entry level and “mega” soaking options, the Sling Soaker is the perfect bucket for any aquatic project with the design fitting seamlessly into any theme or layout. Filling fast with water, the Sling Soaker can be arranged in multiple clusters for ultimate adventure— multiply them in a line of splashes that dump continuously, or a 360˚ circle that creates excitement. It’s your new favourite dumping bucket—that’s a Waterplay pinky promise.

Titans, Cirque and the Sling Soaker are available now for purchase, check out Waterplay’s new products and get in touch with the best support team in the splash pad business: www.waterplay.com



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