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Wandervale Executive Condominium

Project Details

Location: Singapore

Application: Condominium

Year of Installation: 2018

Main Features:

  • Dew Drop (tipping bucket)
  • Bottle Bud (360°rotation, 120° spray)
  • Sparx & Flutter
  • Surf Stones
  • Frog (crawling ground spray)
  • Discovery Stream

In the North-Western region of Singapore, the new Wandervale Executive Condominium offers residents connectivity to school districts, urban shopping centers and nature parks. With a forward-thinking aquatic design by PlayPoint, Wandervale brings the beauty and wonder of nature close to home through a Grasslands inspired leisure pool and splash pad. 

Freestanding Play Elements

The leisure pool comes to life with towering wildflowers and vegetation, transporting residents from the bustling  cityscape into a space of calm contemplation and free play. The sensory benefits of water abound for all ages, from gentle showering effects to giant splashing dew drops and rotating spray cannons. 

Discovery Stream

The Discovery Stream extends the nature-inspired aesthetic, while supporting children in early stages of development. Interactive weirs throughout the stream bed, like the Fish and Sea Grass, stimulate cognitive and physical play by allowing children to manipulate and harness water flow. In this self-guided play environment, children get to experiment, test their skills and build confidence. Surrounding Surf Stones provide parents and caretakers a spot to sit, relax and enjoy the serene aquatic design. 


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The Grasslands Collection is a product design collaboration with Markus Ehring, world-renowned public space designer. The Ehring Collections by Waterplay are the perfect balance of play value, beauty form, and function.