Diefenbaker Park

Project Details

Location: Tsawwassen, B.C.

Application: Municipal Park

Year of Installation: 2011

Main Features:

  • Sound Sprays
  • Custom Earth Solis
  • Custom Smokestack with Water Spout
  • Carronade 2.0, I-Spy Storm, Sneaky Soaker 3

Water takes you on a journey through time at the Rotary Waterworks Playground in Diefenbaker Park. Inspired by the park’s heritage as a former gravel mining operation, this interactive waterscape brings history to life for a young generation of waterplayers. Start at the hilltop where a special smokestack pours water into a pebbly stream and follow its winding journey under bridges, over water wheels, and through interactive weirs before arriving at an action-packed play pad.

Working with the Rotary Club of Tsawwassen and the Corporation of Delta, Waterplay helped turn this one of a kind park concept from dream to reality. Multisensory features treat young visitors to an unforgettable play experience: a custom designed Earth Solis gives kids a hands-on introduction to Rotary’s international clean water initiatives, while ground sprays have a musical surprise for curious minds. Innovative design combined with the use sustainable materials catapult this historic site into the 21st century where it remains a hub of excitement for the Tsawwassen community.