Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park

Project Details

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon, US

Application: Municipal Park

Year of Installation: 2008

Main Features:

  • Zero-depth aquatic play pad
  • Enviro-friendly water features
  • Ground sprays
  • Water Treatment Systems: Retain & Reuse
  • Rain garden

Situated in what has been dubbed a “silicone forest,” this aquatic play pad is nestled within a community of 90,000. This unique project is primarily comprised of a variety of ground sprays paired with Gaudi-like mosaic surfacing by local artist Lynn Adamo, along with naturally enhanced surroundings. The zero-depth play pad was also designed with water conservation in mind: excess water from the play pad’s drain is collected and gets diverted to a rain garden. The park also includes water smart features including enviro-flow spray nozzles, an interactive activator and multi-valve controls. To add even more fun to the mix, the architect firm for this project incorporated a water dance into the system’s programming, adding more interactivity and further contributing to water conservation.