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Fountain Hills Rotary Splash Pad Revitalization

Fountain Hills, AZ, USA

Project Details

Location: Fountain Hills Rotary Splash Pad Revitalization, Fountain Hills, AZ, USA

Application: Recreation Space | Community Park

Main Features:

  • Mega Soaker
  • Trilly Lily Windy
  • Fun-Brella
  • Water-O
  • Froggie-O

A Journey of Transformation

The Fountain Hills Rotary Splash Pad first made waves in 2007 as one of Arizona's original recreational aquatic spaces, setting a trend for water-based amenities in the region. However, as the years passed, the splash pad was in need of a revitalization, as decades of heavy use began to take a toll on the splash pad components. Recognizing the pressing need for a complete overhaul, the community of Fountain Hills decided to embark on a significant revitalization project. 

Fountain hills before (002).jpg

 2007 Before Photo


The overhaul of the original splash pad was no small feat; the existing concrete base had to go, and the splash pad components needed replacement. Though the scope of the project was considerable, it was a significant priority for the community who had come to rely on the popular space as the sole outdoor public aquatic amenity in Fountain Hills.

To address the aging infrastructure while minimizing disruption, the overhaul had to take place during the park's seasonal closure in the fall, and aimed to be complete by the spring to ensure the community didn’t miss a valued season on the splash pad.

Fueled by a commitment to meet the town's rapid growth and elevate user experience, the staff proposed an exciting expansion—reshaping the splash pad's footprint to add play zones tailored for inclusive play.

With less than a year to design, install, and re-open before the hot weather returned, Waterplay, PlaySpace Designs Inc and the Town of Fountain Hills got to work.  


In 2022, the Fountain Hills splash pad welcomed users back to a vibrantly transformed splash pad. The revitalized space was carefully crafted using Waterplay’s play zones, ensuring there were high, medium, and low action play areas in the splash pad design to accommodate all ages, abilities, and play styles safely, and with the best opportunity for free, uninhibited play.

These zones offered over 30 new splash features, including a striking 20-foot-high double bucket Mega Soaker and a gentle Waterfall play system that invites waterplayers to engage in hands-on play with the water, triggering learning and critical thinking, which leads to more meaningful play.

The revitalization provided the Town of Fountain Hills with not only a chance to address wear and tear but also enhance safety features. Cutting-edge water management systems, non-slip surfacing, and durable materials were incorporated into the build to ensure the Fountain Hills Rotary Splash Pad remains a secure and enjoyable space for all users for many years to come.

The revamped splash pad embraced a modular design that tackled immediate issues while also ensuring ease of future maintenance and feature updates. Modular fixtures, facilitated by Waterplay's playPHASE™ feature base systems, allow for simpler repairs and replacements, providing flexibility for occasional feature changeovers. This forward-thinking approach aligned with the town's strategy, enabling the splash pad to evolve yet remain engaging and exciting for the residents and visitors of Fountain Hills.

The Fountain Hills Rotary Splash Pad revitalization project stands as a testament to the town's commitment to providing high-quality recreational amenities to all the members of its community. By addressing aging infrastructure and incorporating innovative design elements, this local splash pad continues to be a cherished and inclusive space to be enjoyed by many for years to come. 

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