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Marion Holiday Park

Project Details

Location: Bedford Park, South Australia

Application: Holiday Park

Year of Installation: 2013

Main Features:

  • Custom Slide Activity Centre (3 Slides)
  • Mega Soaker

With tourist parks striving to be the choice of holiday goers, aquatic play pads are becoming a popular choice for attracting patrons. Maximizing space and play value, Marion Holiday Park worked with Parkequip and Waterplay to design a custom slide activity centre, with colours and features that complement their park.

For use solely by guests of the park, this slide activity centre is the tallest Waterplay has manufactured to date, with a three metre high waterslide and 2 other slides, dumping buckets, deck sprays, and tall spiralling and spinning sprays. On hot summer days, groups of kids can be found waiting to be showered by the huge splash of the Mega Soaker. The park has been a tremendous success, even surpassing the expectations of the park owners.