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Terrasse Condominium

Project Details

Location: Singapore

Application: Condominium

Year of Installation: 2014

Main Features:

  • Spiral Tunnel
  • Cosmic Cannon
  • Mega Soaker
  • Ground Spray, Geyser
  • Ground Spray, Misty Mountain
  • Misty Twisty

The objective of this aquatic play space was to bring fun and adventure to those living at the Terrasse condominium in Singapore. For this project, our partners at Playpoint Singapore Ltd helped the client reach their goal of creating a desirable amenity for young families by selecting unique water play elements that would complement the sleek, modern design of the surrounding buildings and adjacent pool, and provide residents with an inclusive gathering space for all ages and abilities.

The contemporary design features a striking blue, green, and orange palette that brings an energizing splash of colour to the building's serene aesthetic and further solidifies the exceptional atmosphere of this entire housing development. The result is an attractive and dynamic leisure space that gives families a play oasis close to home.