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Camping Landgoed De Berenkuil

In Grolloo, Drenthe, Netherlands

Project Details

Location: Camping Landgoed De Berenkuil

Application: Nature Inspired Zero-Depth Splash Pad | Campground

Year of Installation: 2019

Main Features:

  • Discovery Stream
  • Crawling Ground Sprays
  • Blue Bottle
  • Aneth Bloom 1
  • Puddle 1
  • Sneaky Spin Soaker 2
  • Water O
  • Solis 36
  • Spinny Squirt
  • Funbrella
  • Critters 1 & 2
  • Surf Stone 1, 2, & 3
  • Sprout Activator
  • Assorted Ground Sprays

Family Vacation Memories to Last a Lifetime!

Located on a 55-hectare nature reserve, Landgoed De Berenkuil is a 5-star family-friendly children’s campsite featuring 25 playgrounds, a heated outdoor swimming pool, paddling lake, indoor playground and an extensive recreational program, named Beary Fun, aimed at children aged 0 to 12 years old.


Looking to turn their recreational facility into a preferred destination for young holiday goers and further support their popular Beary Fun kid’s program, the owners of Landgoed De Berenkuil, set forth to add a water play area to their existing aquatic amenities. The goal was two-fold in that the play space would need to be safe and accessible for all ages and abilities as well as create memorable guest experiences, encouraging repeat business.


In collaboration with our expert aquatic play team at Watergames & More B.V., a unique nature-inspired splash pad was achieved using products from the Grasslands Collection in conjunction with an assortment of must-have, classic features.

Drawing from the natural colours, elements, flora and fauna and animals found in the surrounding landscape of Drenthe, this zero-depth splash pad comes to life with one push of the Sprout activator, inviting everyone to play!

Loaded with interactive play elements, a Sneaky Spin Soaker 2 dumps unpredictable splashes from its bell-shaped buckets as two interactive Critter cannons spark a friendly water game. Curious Frog crawling ground sprays hop across the pad and two giant wildflowers, the Blue Bottle and Aneth Bloom immerse Waterplayers in the joys of nature!

For more gentle splashes, a toddler-friendly play area of Surf Stones, Ant Ground Sprays, Puddles and a meandering Discovery Stream, home to a Stout Mouse, Duck Wheel and Sea Grass, invites hands-on exploration and discovery.

Situated off to the side of the splash pad, a uniquely shaped wading pool with a centrally-located castle designed for climbing completes the play space.


An undeniable asset to the campsite and its kid's program, the new splash pad at Landgoed De Berenkuil is a paradise of play and relaxation for children and parents alike. With perfectly placed benches surrounding the play pad, parents and caregivers can keep a close eye on their little ones as they run, play, dance and make lots of new friends while engaged in free, continuous play. A place for smiles and laughter, this children's splash pad will be remembered by patrons as a place where happy family-holiday memories are made for many years to come.

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