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Prairie Winds Park

Project Details

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Application: Municipal Park

Year of Installation: 2015

Main Features:

  • Discovery Stream
  • Grasslands Collection
  • Ground Sprays
  • Sprout Eco-Activator

Find your way through showering poppies, tall grasses, giant dew drops, and a shimmering stream full of fish at Prairie Winds Park. This nature-inspired aquatic play space provides families in Calgary, Alberta with water play fun throughout the summer season. The modern, eco-friendly design creates an attractive public space where the community can gather, relax, and connect through play. 

The goal of this project was to create a space that offers a play experience for every park goer, regardless of physical ability. The zero-depth spray pad and well-spaced components make it easy for kids and their parents to get involved and get active. The organic shape of the pad, natural colour palette, and grassland themed features blend with the park’s existing green space, and establish dedicated zones for different play habits. The meandering stream with interactive weirs invites gentle hands-on discovery, bubbling ground sprays add clusters of excitement, while towering wildflowers shower and splash waterplayers below. All components are controlled by an eco-friendly activator and run from a water treatment system that makes the park’s operation sustainable. The result is a cutting edge amenity that brings fun, inclusive water play to Prairie Winds Park.