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Cedric Archer Splash Park

Rockhampton, QLD, AUS

Project Details

Location: Cedric Archer Splash Park, Rockhampton, QLD, AUS

Application: Splash Pad | Municipal Park

Main Features:

  • Nature theme
  • Iconic Mega Soaker
  • All ages and abilities
  • Vibrant colours

Cedric Archer Park is voted fourth BEST playground to visit in Queensland, Australia!

This vibrant splash park takes aquatic play to a whole new level with exciting, dynamic play features that bring aquatic play to all ages and abilities. With big splashes, stunning use of colour and a cohesive nature design, it’s clear why Cedric Archer Park is ranked so high by parkgoers.

One of the things that makes municipal splash pads so unique is that they are a space for the whole community to have fun, connect and cool down. There are no barriers to entry, the zero-depth splash pad surface is flat accessible for those with mobility requirements, and the space is open to the public. Cedric Archer Park does an exceptional job of providing the opportunity for all ages and abilities to embark on a thrilling water adventure and let their imaginations run wild through spray tunnels, with water cannons, spinners and spray, and under dumping buckets. There's no better way to beat the heat.

ANOTHER WIN FOR CEDRIC ARCHER PARK: the iconic Mega Soaker, a 17’ (5.18m) towering dumping bucket. Get ready to be head-to-toe drenched under 40 gallons (151 liters) of water – this is what we call the super splash effect! What keeps kids coming back weekend after weekend? Thrilling splashes! 

Constructed in 2016, it’s pretty neat that this park space is still receiving accolades eight years later in 2023.

If you’re looking for a blueprint for a large, dynamic, inclusive splash park design, look no further, it’s Australia’s Cedric Archer Park.


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