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Millenia Stylus Park

Project Details

Location: Chula Vista, California

Application: Urban Community Development

Year of Installation: 2015

Main Features:

  • Luminary Sprays
  • Action Plate Activator
  • Water Treatment System

This interactive splash pad lights up the night at a groundbreaking urban development in South San Diego County. At 210 acres, the Millenia development integrates housing, retail, commercial and park space to create a vibrant and self-sustaining community that offers something for everyone—waterplayers included. 

Located in one of Millenia's six neighbourhood parks, the Stylus Park splash pad was designed to provide kids and families with exciting aquatic recreation that flows from day to night. The innovative space design by California Waters uses Waterplay's LED Luminary ground sprays to captivate waterplayers big and small. The 16 luminary sprays can be programmed to achieve a choreographed light display, while an Action Plate activator invites kids to step the water into motion. Supporting the splash pad is a state of the art water treatment system that can be remotely accessed and controlled by city staff. The result is a modern, multi-functional space packed with play value and visual beauty.