Treasure Island Resort and Holiday Park

Project Details

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Application: Holiday Park

Year of Installation: 2014

Main Features:

  • Zero-depth aquatic play pad
  • Low-, medium-, and high-action play zones for all ages
  • Cohesive and clever theming and play pad design

At Shipwreck Shores Waterpark, fantasy comes to life as park goers jump inside a spraying ship flying a pirate flag while they look out at an impressive sea monster spraying water from its nose and a misting whale body complete with a watery tail. An octopus with spurting, interactive tentacles takes up residence on the edge of the pad where low action ground sprays invite a more gentle and thoughtful style of play to the environment. For those looking for a more extreme play experience, a five metre high, larger-than-life dumping bucket emblazoned with a pirate shield stands in the high-action zone gently teetering before it spills on to unsuspecting adventurers below.

This newly installed aquatic play pad at the NRMA Treasure Island Resort and Holiday Park is a project that exactly embodies what a successful play space should be—it flows well from one play area to the next, provides a safe and engaging environment for park goers of all ages and ability levels, and also truly fits the original intention for the proposed project. This is a play space that will enrich the resort for years to come.