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Central Park

Splesj Water Park

Project Details

Location: Bosbad Hoeven, NL

Application: Holiday Park

Year of Installation: 2014

Main Features:

  • Discovery Stream
  • Grasslands
  • Crawling Ground Sprays
  • Mega Soaker

At 900 m2, Splesj Water Park at Molecaten Park in Bosbad Hoeven, NL is the largest and most spectacular aquatic play pad in Western Europe. It boasts a collection of exciting nature-inspired products that are sure to ignite imaginations and bring waterplayers of all ages back to nature.

With tall blades of grass and wildflowers, friendly insect characters, and critter-shaped interactive ground sprays, Splesj brings the wonderment of nature to a protected play pad environment while also providing a unique place to spend time with your family and friends.