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Swan Park Splash Pad

Beaver Dam, WI, USA

Project Details

Location: Beaver Dam, WI, USA

Application: Splash Pad | Municipal Park | Product Testing Facility

Year of Installation: 2023

Main Features:

  • Nature and local theming
  • Immersive play features and design elements
  • Iconic Sky Soaker (30gal / 113l splash)
  • USA test pad location

This is a splash pad to get excited about! 

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, isn’t a place many people know about, but it’s well known in the aquatics industry. Home to world class aquatic designers, engineers and builders that service the globe, Beaver Dam is also home to Swan Park Splash Pad, a beautiful addition to the redevelopment of the park space in 2023, and Waterplay’s official USA test pad. 

Swan Park Splash Pad was designed for two purposesfirst, and most important, to give the local community and visitors an amazing place to play and connect in the summer months, and second, to support Waterplay’s innovative product development and play research. How fun is that? 


The community of Beaver Dam and surrounding area is rooted in nature, and the design for Swan Park Splash Pad uses this as design inspiration in the best ways.  With nature themed splash play throughout, the space invites users of all ages and abilities to experience nature in a different way. Raining leaves tower above busy waterplayers and casts a green shadow onto the splash pad below, while exciting discoveries happen on the waterfall feature, a series of translucent water channels with weirs designed to disrupt the flow of water.

The splash pad was designed using play zones, ensuring there are high, medium, and low action play areas in the splash pad design to accommodate all ages, abilities, and play styles safely, and with the best opportunity for free, uninhibited play. Another design highlight in Swan Park is the incorporation of play features that are immersive and provide opportunities for creative play and exploration. These play elements go beyond spraying water to provide an experience that invites waterplayers to engage hands-on with the water and trigger STEM learning and critical thinking, creating the opening for deeper play.

No park is complete without Waterplay’s iconic Sky Soaker, a towering translucent dumping sphere that drenches anyone in its way with 30 gallons (113 litres) of splashing water. Concerned with every detail of the space, the municipality of Beaver Dam placed the town’s logo on the dumping sphere so that waterplayers can feel a strong senses of community and recognition within the space. These happy design moments are found throughout the splash pad with graphics inspired by local flora and fauna, and even two custom beaver spray cannons designed specially for Swan Park by Waterplay’s sister company, Wekid Mfg.


This amazing space doubles as Waterplay’s USA testing facility, which means that the lucky waterplayers in Beaver Dam will have access to some of Waterplay’s latest and most innovative splash pad features! Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, the Waterplay Team conducts extensive research on all product designs to identify play experiences and outcomes and deliver an outstanding, research-backed product to communities throughout the world. The Beaver Dam testing facility is a great extension to this ongoing work and allows the research team opportunity to gain research in multiple testing environments.

We told you! This is really a splash pad to get excited about.

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