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Manor Field Spray Park

Huntington, NY, USA

Project Details

Location: Manor Field Spray Park, Huntington, NY, USA

Application: Splash Pad | Municipal Park

Main Features:

  • Sports theme
  • Iconic Mega Soaker
  • Life Floor aquatic surfacing

Designed by the Landtek Group, Manor Field Spray Park features a thrilling sports theme. The spray features are designed to look like baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls and tennis balls, with water spraying and splashing everywhere, bringing excitement and energy to this fun, well designed aquatic play space.

The theming and play experience of Manor Field Spray Park is elevated even further with the use of Life Floor aquatic surfacing, cushy splash pad tiles that make it easy for kids to play, crawl and roll on the splash pad floor. The design team at Landtek integrated the Life Floor tiles into the theming with a fun sports field design, complete with a centre line and two end zones at each side of the splash pad to ignite imagination and creative roleplaying.


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