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Telford Town Park

Project Details

Location: Telford, United Kingdom

Application: Municipal Park

Year of Installation: 2013

Main Features:

  • Zero-depth aquatic play pad
  • Sound spray ground sprays
  • Bright, colourful play pad with cohesive features

As part of the redevelopment of Telford Town Park, this aquatic play pad opened in 2013. The 230 m2 (2475 ft2) play pad features a Bloomin' Splash for youth, a toddler area that includes the Toddler Twister and U.S.O., and ground sprays for all ages. As waterplayers interact with the nozzles, a set of sound sprays send out noises that match the theme of the park.

With a colourful, flower-patterned play surface and bright, coordinating features, the Telford Town Park aquatic play pad has already proven to be a draw for waterplayers of all ages.