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Discovery Parks Byron Bay

Project Details

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Application: Holiday Park

Year of Installation: 2015

Main Features:

  • Themed Activity Structure
  • Mega Soaker
  • Carronade Water Cannons
  • Solis + Wiggly Jr. (Octopus)
  • Whale Tail
  • Poly Palm

Unpack your imagination at Discovery Parks Byron Bay

For families seeking a holiday escape in Byron Bay, Discovery Parks has it covered. At the heart of this resort-style camping destination, a sea of splashes gives holiday goers just what they crave: play, relaxation and unforgettable family fun. 

Embark on an Adventure at Sea!

Delivered by the water play experts at ParkEquip, "Byron's Barrel Waterpark" tells a nautical story of sea creatures, ships and sails across a zero-depth splash pad and multi-level aquatic structure. ParkEquip Product Manager, Chris Bowser says products from the Waterplay Nautical Collection were key in realizing the design story: a Wiggly Octopus and Whale Tail sprayer conjure the deep seas while the ship-inspired play structure with multiple decks, masts, and slides engages kids in creative exploration guided by their own curiosity. 

"It gives kids the tools to play and invent their own games," Bowser says. With a spacious layout featuring zones for easy, relaxed play and tropical Poly Palm sprayers, parents find their own oasis too.  

A Brand Experience that Soaks the Senses

The water park's colour palette of vibrant blues and oranges enlivens the nautical theme while also capturing Discovery Parks's iconic branding. Crowning the ship structure a Mega Soaker dumping bucket emblazoned with the Discovery Parks logo reinforces the company's playful brand message with a thrilling 50-gallon splash!  A high action experience designed to create lifelong memories, and keep visitors coming back for more.

Learn More... 

To learn more about Discovery Parks visit: www.discoveryholidayparks.com.au
Connect with the ParkEquip team at: www.parkequip.com.au

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