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Technical Planning, Installation & Ownership – Splash Pad Mini Webinar Series

Thank You to Everyone Who Joined Us for the Webinar Series!

We hope that the information provided will assist you with efficiently building and maintaining your aquatic play pad so that it can be enjoyed for many years to come! If you would like to request a recording of one or all of the webinars, please reach out to us at info@waterplay.com. See below for more details on the series, each webinar and our presenters.

About the Series

Learn about the technical side of splash pad planning, enhance your knowledge of installation best practices, take an in-depth look at water management and get a refresher with splash pad Operation and Maintenance 101. Choose from a series of fast-paced, informative, and resource-filled free educational sessions, presented by two of Waterplay's technical support experts.

About Your Presenters

STEPHEN NETTLETON, Customer Support Manager

A jack of all trades, Stephen's tenure at Waterplay has seen him put his vast skillset to good use in a variety of mechanical design and customer support roles—specializing in aquatic play pad layout and functionality. In his role as customer support manager at Waterplay®, Stephen has helped bring hundreds of projects to life using a practical, open-minded approach. His work is driven by his dedication to continuous improvement and bringing exceptional play spaces to communities around the world. Contact Stephen.

KYLE LUCIW, Product Development Engineer

Kyle Luciw is a problem solver. With an educational background in civil engineering and years of experience in the aquatic play industry, Luciw brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Waterplay Engineering Team. In his role as Product Development Engineer, Kyle’s diligence and close attention-to-detail can be seen in our company’s exceptional dedication to product quality, support, safety and function. Contact Kyle.


You have a clear vision of what you’re looking for—now it’s time to get to work. This session shares over 30 years of experience in planning successful splash pads all over the world. Learn how to take your ideas from concept to reality. From park layouts, 2D and 3D design, mechanical planning and site recommendations—discover everything you need to know about the technical side of successfully planning new builds, renovations and phased installations.

Contact us to request a recording of this webinar.


With the right preparation and strong partners, installation can be a rewarding experience. In this session, we teach you how to move through milestones and reach your goals quickly and effectively. We cover everything from site prep, how to inspect and receive your shipment to installation and preparing for your grand opening.

Contact us to request a recording of this webinar.


There’s a lot to consider when adding an elevated play structure to your aquatic project. In this session, we discuss the practical side of installation. From pre-planning to site considerations and preparation, to learning about the different requirements in each environment. This session has a lot to offer.

Contact us to request a recording of this webinar.


Water is the key element to a successful aquatic play space, both above and underground. In this session, we simplify the water management options on the market to help you determine which solutions are right for you, based on goals and site requirements.

Contact us to request a recording of this webinar.


Your splash pad is installed—now what? In this informative session we take you through the basics of splash pad maintenance and more. Learn how to optimize the display of your features, operate your splash pad with confidence year-round and proactively execute routine maintenance to ensure successful operation for years to come.

Contact us to request a recording of this webinar.

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