PlayPHASE™ Ground Spray

When we say the playPHASE™ Ground Spray is adaptable—we’re serious… (serious in a fun way). Choose any 2.5” ground spray from our line to find the perfect water effects for your unique space. With a range of flow rates and spray radii—you can build to your current splash pad needs with an eye on the future as the playPHASE Ground Spray allows you to easily change out nozzles or upgrade to a larger play feature at any time.

Compatible Ground Spray Nozzles:



Charlotte’s Web


 Confetti Spray 



Fountain Mountain




Misty Mountain 


Monster 5 


 Solo Spurt 


Split Spurt


Starlet Spray



 Steady Stream 


 Straight Up 


Tidal Wave 


 Tower Spray 







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