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Artesani Playground Wading Pool and Spray Deck

Boston, Massachusetts

Project Details

Year of Installation: 2018

Main Features:

  • Free Standing Sneaky Soaker 3 No Spray
  • Free Standing Water Leaf
  • Free Standing Papillon
  • Ground Spray Gusher
  • Ground Spray The Wave
  • playPHASE Base

Boston, Massachusetts

Brighton is a former town and current neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, United States, located in the northwestern corner of the city. It is named after the English city of Brighton and Hove. Initially, Brighton was part of Cambridge, and known as "Little Cambridge. Brighton is in Suffolk County and is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. The Artesani Playground Wading Pool and Spray Deck located: 1255 Soldiers Field Road, Brighton, MA 02135

It's Sneaky Soaker time! 

When it comes to spray decks and wading pools, Boston’s got some of the best around. And when it comes to keeping your kids cool (and happy) on a hot summer day, it doesn’t get easier than water play at a nearby splash park or pool. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best the city has to offer in the water play department. So grab the sunscreen, it’s time to get your splash on!

The Artesani Wading pool provides an excellent spray pad to cool off at. Inspired by our Wildwood collection, interactive water features include Sneaky Soakers, Water Leaf, and the Papilion free-standing sprays to ensure water players are getting 180 degrees of play value.  The Sneaky Sneaker literally does what it says the bell-shaped tipping buckets spill and dump water at random
intervals, essentially sneaking up on water players to create bursts of excitement on the play pad. Additional spray elements such as the Gusher ground spray feature a GIANT spray effect! Perfect for any play space looking to make an impact. And The Wave ground spray features six openings that create a giant single wave effect.

The Spray Deck is safe and you will find lifeguards here and benches too, so sit back and relax while the kids wade in the water on a hot sunny day.

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