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These new products make playful placemaking easy! 

Available to the market now! Are you ready?



The Titan Series

Meet Mr. Ribbit, Speed Racer, Bun-Bun and Toro – four larger-than-life characters designed to dominate the splash pad and be the main event of play. Standing at 15' height, with water effects that dump, splash and spray, the Titans can stand alone as the only feature on a splash pad, or fit easily into a larger, dynamic space design.

  • Three connection points for easy, economical installation
  • Multiple play points to bring fun to a large group of waterplayers at one time
  • Dynamic water effects to capture attention and dynamic play opportunities
  • Inclusive design caters to a wide variety of ages and diverse abilities







It’s time for a refresh! Our Cirque Collection has been a favourite for years—and now we’ve made it even better. Introducing a slew of new play opportunities with interactive spinning orbs that spray and splash, playful basins, and multiple areas of engagement on one feature. The new, reimagined Cirque Collection leads the charge in interactivity and full curiosity cycle play.

  • Multiple water effects to encourage inspired play
  • Dynamic, hands-on play opportunities: push, pull, spin, splash, spray, collaborate and discover
  • Stacked play opportunities on one connection point
  • Designed to ADA standards for engagement opportunities for all




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Sling Soaker

Waterplay’s mid-sized powerhouse soaker. If a dumping bucket were a slingshot – this would be it! Waterplay’s unique splash plate slings the water forward for a stunning, playful, unique water effect that whips up excitement unlike any soaker.

  • Stunning water effect in an economical, mid-sized bucket
  • Dispersed water effect invites all ages to get soaked
  • Tight spray radius makes this soaker easy to fit into any splash pad design



Mister Mister

Design in a group for a refreshing misting cluster of fun, add to a toddler or discovery zone for a gentle water effect that stimulates curiosity and adds variation to the play space – the Mister Mister is a low flow ground spray that cools and calms the senses. Perfect for all ages, all abilities, and safe for a diverse range of cognitive needs.

  • Low flow nozzle
  • Refreshing misting effect
  • Safe and predictable for diverse abilities


Mister Mister .png


As if you’re not inspired to design an amazing splash pad! 
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