Waterplay introduces aquatic fitness equipment

Posted by waterplayAdmin on November 16, 2009

Kelowna BC, Canada - As part of the Company's continuing commitment to deliver a wide range of solutions that address the growing variety of client needs, Waterplay Solutions Corp. is excited to announce the addition of aquatic fitness equipment to its already impressive lines of products and services.

Maintaining and working towards a healthier lifestyle is an ever increasing focus for people of all ages and abilities. Unfortunately various health conditions may preclude some from what is considered traditional fitness such as running, aerobics classes, or weight lifting. The all new aquatic fitness equipment from Waterplay is an excellent solution to address these challenges.

Jill White, Waterplay's President adds, “The stress we place on our bodies is greater than ever; whether you are an elite athlete, a patient in physical rehabilitation, someone starting to feel their age or an office worker who spends their day behind a desk. Our bodies put up with impact, improper support, injuries, strains and pains. Waterplay wanted to offer a solution that would help people of all ages and abilities embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle while offering equipment that is easy to install and adapt to existing pool facilities. Our clients needs do not end with the kids. With the aging population this was an area we saw a gap in when it comes to product offerings.”

Because body weight is significantly reduced when in water (up to 70% when immersed to chest height), aquatic fitness is an excellent choice for people who are pregnant, rehabilitating after an injury or simply just want to get in shape without subjecting their bodies to undue stress. “Waterplay's space saving aquatic fitness equipment allows you to add traditional style exercise equipment into an aquatic environment significantly expanding the range of available fitness and rehabilitation options,” added White.

Waterplay's products have always encouraged healthy, active lifestyles. The aquatic fitness equipment line, including the Aqua-Cycle, Aqua-Climber, Aqua-Strider, Aqua-Rower and Aqua-PullDip, Aqua-Stepper, Aqua-Twister and Aqua-Abs, is a logical extension to the Company's existing products and services within the aquatics environment.

About Waterplay

Waterplay is a world-wide provider of premium aquatic recreational features. In addition to its aquatic fitness equipment, Waterplay also offers interactive water features, slide activity centers, shade sails, water management systems and urban water features. Visit www.waterplay.comfor full details on the Company and all of its product and service solutions. 




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